June 16th- 1 Month Shopping Hiatus, Over!

June 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

O.K, so I failed.  Miserably.  If this little journal of mine has taught me anything at all…

  1. I have little to no self-restraint
  2. I love buying shit ( in general)
  3. I can find something I need to buy daily and often
  4. I have a great eye 🙂
  5. In order to avoid shopping, I would need to be dead
  6. I spend more than I have coming in (bad), and am now more aware (good)
  7. I love shopping
I am done with this.  I will drop by my shopping category when something truly wonderous happens (like a new pair of shoes I am bound to buy in Europe this summer).  Now that this test of mine is over, does it mean that I can shop openly and freely again?

Spending Again…Inevitable!

June 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today I bought for someone else.  I needed to pick up a gift for my sister-in-law’s birthday.  Normally we do not buy each other anything, but this is her 30th.  I went for a super cute scarf in green with fuchsia hearts, and a beautiful designer candle.  I happily paid and had it wrapped…and I haven’t stopped thinking about the scarf since!  It is the perfect little summer piece.

I will not return and pick one up for myself, I will not return and pick one up for myself, I will not return and pick one up for myself…


Three Words: Prada on Sale

June 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

That is  right!  Prada-on-sale, doesn’t get any better.  This purchase is 100% outside of my 30 days…and I will tell you why.  I have an extremely important event coming up in which I am the guest of honour- The bride!  My hubbie and I are marrying for the second time (first was civil), and this ‘gal needed a pair of shoes to march down the aisle!  Is there anyone out there that would actually protest this accomplishment?

So, I had actually first bought a pair of shoes on-line at J.Crew.  They were dark taupe to contrast my creme silk dress.  At my fitting I discovered they just didn’t work.  At this point I was desperate for a new replacement shoe that was the same 4-inch height, as the seamstress had already begun to shorten my dress.  I went on a frantic search in every store (at the end of the season) looking for the perfect shoe.  After scanning just about every shoe left in the world, I happened upon this lovely Prada silk slipper in a size 7.  Not quite perfect, as it wasn’t my size!  This is when I am thankful for having extremely long extremities-my toes bring my shoe size up to a whopping size 40 european.  I had the sales guy call around (my friends believe that I have had a horseshoe permanently lodged up my ass, as I often seem to have this kind of luck…), and Voila!  There was one pair left in…you guessed it! Size 40.  End of story.


Never Used a Visa?

June 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Visa.  The name alone connotes a friend.  That is how I seem to view this familiar word.  Visa definition: The go-to pal when a girls in need of a pick me up (i.e a new pair of shoes, an emergency lip gloss, or a night out on the town).  Who in this modern-day does not turn to that trusted little piece of plastic when they are feeling blue or in a jam?  Who travels today without bringing along Visa in case of emergency?  And, by emergency I mean a great pair of silver Salvatore Ferragamo flats (on Via Condotti in Rome, as was the case for me last spring).  I digress…

Well, I will tell you who, my husband.  It drives me nuts and inspires me to be less dependent on my friend, Visa.  My better half has never, yes never, used a visa.  He has applied for one and carried it around with him for emergencies (nota bene: husband’s emergencies differ from examples above), but has never actually put it to use.  In fact, in a recent phone call to a travel carrier inquiring about a change fee for a flight, the operator asked him for a visa.  Response: “I don’t know how to use it”.  I was near by listening in shock.  He was not kidding.  The actual visa in his possession was expired in 2007.  Never exercised.

There are actually people on planet earth today in 2011 who do not believe in credit cards.  My husband is one of them.  He only buys if he can pony up the cash.  He is not an impulsive shopper and he certainly does not have my panache for acquiring goods.  Can you imagine having the self restraint to only use cash at all times?  People like the man I have decided to share my life with do not carry debt and do not understand how the rest of us can smile after a purchase made on credit.  And then there are people like me who use their visa as a form of financial freedom (but pay the price when they never seem to pay off the full amount by months end).  I sometimes wish I had my husbands philosophy on spending, but that would be just plain boring.


Avoiding My Own Blog?

June 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

It has been 6 days since my last entry.  At first (about 4 days ago), I convinced myself that I was ‘busy’.  Eventually, it dawned on me that I was completely avoiding any updates on how my shopping-challenge is going.  It ain’t.  Since my last blog the following has occurred in no particular order:

  • I had a hair cut, $100
  • I went to a new colourist, $200 (who subsequently f#@$#’d up my hair and I had to return to have it corrected)
  • Had a lovely lunch with my sisters, $75 (I felt compelled to pick up the tab- my older sister usually gets it, the younger one never makes a move…)
  • I bought a lovely creme eyelet dress, $95 (a continuation of lunch with my sisters, a little shopping)
  • I ‘needed’ a black and a white t, $75 (considering, these were basics and not overly pricey)
  • I tried cosmetic acupuncture, $80 (more on this topic later)
  • I had a much-needed mani & pedi, $55
  • Bought a wedding gift, $100
  • Movies at closing Blockbuster, $50
Ohhhhh!!!!!!!  To see it all lined up in a list like that is horrific!  I guess avoiding the blog was avoiding the reality of my expenditures! I find it easy to justify all of the above and yet looking at it in print I know that I am living well above my financial means.  I could have a lot left at the end of the month if I could just put the brakes on it!
Gawd, I hate to admit it but I am a mess.  Perhaps today will be the REAL first day to my 30 days???  After all, it is June 1st!!  Will check in again later.

How to Avoid Shopping- Call your Sponsor!

May 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Writing this blog was supposed to make me feel more accountable for my spending and shopping habit hobby.  For the most part, it is not working.  I did confide  in a friend that I was off shopping, and she offered to be my sponsor.  Well, in the very early days, just before I started this blog, I caved.  I buckled at the knees to a shiny new pair of round-toe stiletto, nude patent-leather Stuart Weitzman.  I had been looking for a great new shoe before I confided in said friend that I was a junkie, and the shoe was more than lovely.  It was not even a question in my mind that I would buy them, when I flipped over the lone right heel in my hand to discover it was my size.  And their last pair.  Is that not a sign?

A couple of days later, like any good sponsor, she asked- “Have you bought anything?”.  I was soooo close to looking her square in the eye (and while darting my eyes left), answering “No!”.  I told the truth.  My friend was appalled that not only had I succumbed so soon, I hadn’t dialed her number.  “I know, I know”, is what I said when what I was really thinking was “Well, duh, of course I didn’t call you, you’d tell me to put them down and leave the store!”

Like I said, I was looking for a nude shoe and I was lucky enough to find one….in my size 🙂


I Only Bought Milk!

May 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

That’s right! I only ventured as far as my neighbourhood convenience store to get some milk today! I was also shopping-free yesterday! Today was actually quite easy, as it was a holiday and MOST stores were closed. Yesterday I happily puttered around the house and kept myself busy by re-discovering my clothes through cleaning out my closets. It’s amazing how one can learn to love her own previously purchased items all over again!

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